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Quality Leads

That's right! In this opportunity we solve the largest obstacle agents have, LEADS! No it is not too good to be true. We provide almost unlimited quality leads through our own proprietary lead generation. We also have our own "farm to table" lead system where we create all our own leads. We generate leads using a variety of channels that flow directly into your CRM.

-Carrier Sponsored Leads. These are leads like PDP to MAPD conversion leads, carrier sales leads, and meeting requests. 

-Facebook Leads. We film our own commercials, create engaging ads, and capture digital leads directly through Facebook lead forms or inbound calls.

-Mailers. We use our own direct mail system to target areas of opportunity. These lead cards come back to us at our office where they are uploaded and distributed through the CRM.

-Aged Leads. We provide 200 aged leads per week. These leads are people who have opted into a digital funnel within the past 30-90 days. We have TCPA and Medicare opt-in permission to contact for all of these leads.

-InBound Calls. We have a steady and growing stream of inbound calls. This will be a major focus for future growth.

Get Paid Full Commissions and Residuals

All agents are different. We all have different skill sets, motivations, and needs. With this opportunity you get paid full agent commissions and renewals paid through Agent Boost.

FREE E&O Insurance!

That's right we will pay for your E&O insurance potentially saving you between $600-$1,000 a year!

GAME-CHANGING CRM & Business Management Tool

Manage your clients and leads, automate marketing, and communicate in platform.
All calls are recorded and all communications with prospects and clients flow into OMNI channel communication.

Industry Leading 
Enrollment Tool

Quote and enroll your clients compliantly in person, online, and over the phone with one tool! This tools allows you to enroll your clients via TEXT, EMAIL, OR RECORDED PHONE CALL!


Learn from the some of the brightest minds in the industry. We offer onboarding training virtually or in person in Salt Lake City. We offer weekly sales meetings and ongoing sales and industry training.

CMS Marx Access

Our agents have access to the CMS Enterprise portal. We are able to access MARX for full comprehensive info on client's Medicare Profile. Know what their A&B status is, LIS eligibility, plan history, and total profile information. This is a game changer! ***This program is only approved for LOA agents that will be selling primarily virtually over the phone.

Stay Connected

We use slack to create a community of your peers to learn, get questions answered, and stay informed with the latest info from the team.

A Culture of Success

We have created a true team like atmosphere where we work together to achieve our goals. We have a live leaderboard that tracks sales, performance, and analytics. All of this information is shared and utilized to make real-time data driven decisions.

We also cultivate a culture of fun and team building. We run ongoing incentives, activities, and focus on building relationships for life.

Branding, Business Cards, and Professional assets

We provide professional headshots, digital business cards, and email signatures. We will be launching personalized websites and Google Business listings for your area that will increase your searchability online.

Fulfillment and Retention Services

We offer automated shipping and fulfillment services for each new client at cost. If you choose to participate, we will automatically send magnetic business cards, gourmet chocolates, and a welcome card to all your new clients. This helps with retention, loyalty, and referrals.

Google Business Listing

We will set up as a Medicare Advocates Google listing in your area and use your address or local office as the Google listing. This taps into our powerful SEO and ranking with Google to establish you as the local authority for Medicare. This results in high quality, free leads that call you direct! 


Fully integrated team specializing in selling Medicare policies virtually all over the country!
Choose from one of the options below

Option 1
Medicare Advocates LOA


Our LOA Medicare Advocates Team is the most hands-on, most supported opportunity. These agents also get priority access to leads, carrier campaigns and projects, and incentives.

With this role, you are a 1099 Independent Contractor. This means you are paid full Medicare commissions, including renewals paid DIRECTLY BY AGENT BOOST.

You are an LOA or Solicitor Agent for Agent Boost Marketing. What this means is that Agent Boost owns the policies you write. After 2 years, those policies will vest to you and you will own those policies and commissions in perpetuity. This means that regardless of your performance, or agency affiliation Agent Boost Marketing will continue to pay you the residuals on ALL active policies from the time you contracted with Agent Boost. We do this because Agent Boost Marketing invests a significant amount of time and money into this opportunity. There is no cost to the agent and the only way to recoup any monies invested is to own the policies if the agent is not successful. This will be provided to you in writing upfront and you will have a legally binding agreement from us for both of our understanding.

Requirements to maintain active status:

Agent must average 10 policies sold/enrolled per calendar quarter. If said agent falls below 10 an average of 10 policies per quarter, agent will have a 30 day grace period to bring the rolling quarterly average above 10. If agent is unable or unwilling to do so, the agent will be moved to the direct agent channel and will be removed from the Medicare Advocates opportunity.

If Agent is terminated for cause from any of the insurance agent carriers contracts FOR CAUSE, Agent Boost Marketing reserves the right to terminate agent’s other contracts and remove agent from the Medicare Advocates opportunity.
If Agent Boost Marketing becomes aware of illegal, illicit, or fraudulent activity Agent Boost Marketing reserves the right to terminate your contract and retain the policies written.
If Agent accrues a negative balance of commissions due to chargebacks or commission advances that is unresolved for more than 90 days, Agent Boost Marketing reserves the right to terminate the agent's other contracts and remove the agent from the Medicare Advocates opportunity.

You are responsible for your own tax liabilities. You are a self employed business owner. Agent Boost Marketing is providing you with the workspace, technology, tools and financial resources to succeed. However it is imperative to understand that your success is dependent upon your own personal effort.

This opportunity is great for agents that are wanting to pursue Medicare as a full time career. This is a fantastic path for agents who want full lead support and hands on mentorship and sales support with minimal cost.

Option 2
Medicare Advocates Traditional Agent


This opportunity is for agents who want to remain fully independent and get paid directly from the carriers. You will also own your policies from day one. 

These agents will be able to use the Medicare Advocates branding, and have robust support, but will be given free leads. 

We will teach, train, and develop you generate your own leads via grassroots and networking, as well as give you priority access to purchase your own quality leads.

With this role, you are a 1099 Independent Contractor. This means you are paid full Medicare commissions paid direct to you from the insurance carrier.

This opportunity is great for agents that are wanting to pursue Medicare as a full time career, but want more structure and help with branding and marketing.

Option 3 Traditional Field Agent

If you would like a hands off approach, you can align with us a traditional field agent. We offer top direct contracts, FMO support, compliance help, and a responsive customer service rep.
Agent Boost Marketing is a senior market insurance distributor licensed in all 50 states. Our role is to facilitate your business growth. We truly view each one of our contracted agents and agencies as a partnership, and we’re always looking for more good people. We are looking for hard working agents ready to take their business to the next level. Here are some of the reasons why we think we’re the right partner:
  • ​Leads: In addition to a great leads program, we will show you how to grow and develop your own sales pipeline.
  •  Products: We have a large portfolio comprised of the most competitive carriers and products.
  •  Tech: Agent Boost has industry leading technology! Enroll MAPD electronically and compliantly. Get your own URL to embed in your website and emails links to take enrollments electronically. 
  • Support: We are an agency built by agents, for agents. You will be assigned to a dedicated account rep that will be able to facilitate your business and provide you the support you need.
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